Woman, 24, who ‘raped and tortured’ girl, 12, told medics ‘I’ll be back… you don’t know what I’m capable of’

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A WOMAN who allegedly raped and tortured a 12-year-old schoolgirl assaulted medics three years ago and chillingly warned them: “I’ll be back – you don’t know what I’m capable of.”

Disturbing details regarding Dahia B.’s past have continued to emerge after her arrest in connection to the gruesome death of Lola Daviet.


Dahia B. has been pictured for the first time since her arrest in connection with the horrific murder[/caption]

Lola Daviet, 12, was found bound and gagged inside a suitcase near her home in Paris

Chilling CCTV footage captured the 24-year-old with Lola next to the schoolgirl’s home[/caption]

She has been charged with murder, rape and torture after allegedly slitting the youngster’s throat and placing her defiled corpse inside a suitcase earlier this month.

The Algerian immigrant – who was in France illegally – has now been pictured for the first time.

A TikTok video, confirmed to be Dahia B., shows the 24-year-old singing along to a pop song as she looks out the window of a Paris tower block. 

As the investigation into Lola’s horror killing continues, medics have revealed further unsettling details about a past encounter with Dahia B.



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They told detectives that the evangelic Christian was suffering from severe psychological problems that prompted sudden acts of violence.

Dahia B. was treated on July 31, 2019, before the health workers say she began attacking them.

“She refused to pay for the treatment, and then became extremely violent – lashing out at two medical secretaries,” an investigating source said.

“She kept saying that she had not asked for the treatment, and so did not want to pay for it.

“One of the secretaries was covered in bruises, and hit back, subsequently losing her job.”

When the suspected murderer was forced out of the medical practice, she left staff with a stark warning.

Dahia B. shouted at medics: “I’ll be back – you don’t know what I’m capable of.”

Despite the outburst, France’s Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin this week confirmed that Dahbia B. “was not known to the police”.

Family and friends have described her as a devout Christian who was increasingly drawn to evangelism.

An ex-boyfriend said: “She was obsessed with church, and the cross.” 

Lola’s murder has prompted France’s Far-Right to accuse the government of being too soft on immigration.


Dahbia had a student’s visa to visit France, but it had expired at the time of Lola’s killing.

The young girl’s body was found bound and gagged inside the suitcase close to the block of flats where she lived with her parents.

The numbers 1 and 0 were also horrifically scrawled across her chest.

A post-mortem examination concluded that Lola died of asphyxiation following a physical attack that included a knife being used to cut her body.

Her parents had reported her missing on Friday, after fearing she had been kidnapped when she failed to return from school.

CCTV footage shows both the alleged murderer and her victim next to the apartments Lola lived in.

Dahbia B. was arrested on October 15 at her sister’s home in the northern Paris suburb of Bois-Colombe.

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Before Lola’s funeral this week, her family issued a statement saying people should “immediately stop using the name and image of our child for political ends.”

President Emmanuel Macron has described the killing as “extreme evil” and a “dizzying” example of what some people in society were capable of.


The alleged killer was seen singing to a pop song inside her Paris flat in a TikTok[/caption]


The suspect was seen walking into the building where Lola lived[/caption]


The 12-year-old was laid to rest this week as her family told people to stop using Lola’s death ‘for political ends’[/caption]

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