WrestleMania 40: The Rock pins Cody Rhodes to help give Roman Reigns advantage on Night 2

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Roman Reigns and The Rock reminded Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins just how steep the mountain was to get to the top of the WWE at WrestleMania 40 on Saturday night.

The Rock pinned Rhodes after an acknowledgment to The Bloodline and some trash talk to Rhodes’ mother. 

It was far from an easy match for The Bloodline. It turned into an all-out slobberknocker.


The match had stakes for Night 2. If Reigns and The Rock won, the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship match will be contested under Bloodline Rules. If Rhodes and Rollins won, then the match would be free of any members of The Bloodline.

After dramatic entrances, Reigns and Rollins locked up to start the match. Rhodes also locked up with Reigns for a few moments before The Rock was tagged in.

The Rock, making his first appearance in a WWE ring in eight years, went head-to-head with Rollins. The Rock hit Rollins with a clothesline and called on Rhodes to get into the ring. Rhodes tagged in and it was on.

Rhodes and Rollins had the upper hand early, teaming up to keep The Rock and Reigns down. The two teams stared each other down and the brawl got underway. Rhodes zeroing in on Reigns and Rocky facing an assault from Rollins.

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The brawl between The Rock and Rollins went into the stands. The Rock threatened to fire the referee if he tried to count them out. Meanwhile, Rhodes worked on Reigns near the top of the entryway. Rollins thought he had the match in the palm of his hand against The Rock but Reigns came out of nowhere and took out Rollins’ knee.

The Rock went to work on Rollins’ knee as it appeared “The Visionary” was truly in pain. Reigns was tagged in to continue what his partner started. The Bloodline members were in control of Rollins for a while – not only targeting the knee but also Rollins’ bad back.

Reigns stalked Rollins for a Superman Punch but Rollins countered with a neckbreaker. The Rock was tagged in and he prevented Rollins from doing the same. But Rollins finally caught a break with a step-up enziguri. Just when Rollins tried to tag out, Reigns hit Rhodes and knocked him off the apron.

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The Rock put Rollins into the sharpshooter. Rhodes came out of nowhere and slapped The Rock. Rollins took advantage and hit The Stomp. Rollins finally got to Rhodes and The Rock got to Reigns. Rhodes started to build momentum.


Reigns stopped the momentum with a Superman Punch just as Rhodes was going for another Cody Cutter. Reigns was busted open – a rare sight for a champion who has been so dominant over the last few years. He tried for the spear but it was missed.

Rollins nearly had a pinfall on Reigns after a tag-in and then a splash. Reigns kicked out. Rhodes and Rollins hit superkicks on Reigns and seemed to be in control. Rhodes hit the Cross Rhodes but as the ref was about to count to three, The Rock pulled the referee out.

“The Final Boss” was swinging his power around and The Bloodline took advantage. Reigns speared Rhodes but he kicked out of a pin.

The Rock was ready for the People’s Elbow but it was met by a Cody Cutter. Rhodes tried to go for the Cross Rhodes. But Reigns hit the Superman Punch to save The Rock.

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Reigns had Rhodes dead to rights with a spear setup. But Rollins pushed Rhodes out of the way and Reigns hit The Rock with a spear. Rhodes and Rollins hit simultaneous Pedigrees on their competitors – 1, 2, almost 3. The crowd was stunned.

The match went back outside the ring. The Rock took Rhodes to the announce tables. Rhodes hit the Rock Bottom through the announce table. Then, Reigns speared Rollins through the barricade. Reigns and Rhodes kept going. Gladiator versus gladiator.

Rhodes hit two Cross Rhodes moves on Reigns but The Rock hit Rhodes with his weight belt. Reigns hit Rhodes with a spear. The Rock was tagged in. The Rock hit a Rock Bottom and set him up for the People’s Elbow.

The Rock pinned Rhodes for the win.

Sunday’s match between Rhodes and Reigns will be contested under Bloodline Rules.

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