You have 20/20 vision if you spot the sneaky cat hiding in the logs in under 12 seconds

You have 20/20 vision if you spot the sneaky cat hiding in the logs in under 12 seconds

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YOU could have perfect 20/20 vision if you can spot the sneaky cat hiding in this tricky optical illusion in just 12 seconds.

At first glance, this photo just appears to be a giant pile of logs and branches left dumped by a woodchipper.


Can you spot the cat hiding in the log pile?[/caption]

But if you are stumped and think that is all there is – you would be wrong, as hiding in plain sight in a fiendish feline.

Internet users were left baffled by the illusion when it was first shared on the popular Reddit page /r/accidentalcamouflage.

Viewers were left scratching their heads at the image as they desperately tried to find the little cat.

So have you had any luck in finding the clever pet?

If not, don’t worry – here is the solution to this punishingly hard puzzle.

If you are at the image cast your eyes across the main stick of logs left dumped on the concrete.

Bring your eyes from left to right across the middle of the log pile.

And then, right on the edge of the stack, you will see the little tabby clambering over the wood.

The cat is almost perfectly camouflaged – blending in very well with the chopped-down trunks.

If you still can’t see the cat, you can scroll down here for the solution with a helpful red ring around the adventurous animal.

The Sun has brought you other optical illusions in recent days, such as being able to spot a snake hiding with the giraffes.

And you could be the greatest if you can spot a goat hiding on a hillside.

But if you really want to test your skills and have a hoot, try find the owl wearing a distinctive jumper in this tricky brain teaser.


The cat is nearly perfectly hidden with all the pieces of wood[/caption]

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